Trainer’s Corner: Focus on the Automotive Category


As winter approaches for many areas of the country, customers might be thinking about making sure their car is prepared for the cold weather. If you have an automotive department, you can offer them the convenience of picking up items such as oil, coolant and washer fluids they need to keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely. This may also be a good time to review some automotive product knowledge with your employees. 

This month’s Trainer’s Toolbox, Automotive Fluids FAQ, focuses on frequently asked questions you might encounter when selling automotive fluids. The presentation-style format is designed for you to review key product knowledge in about 5 minutes in an employee meeting. It includes handy Trainer’s Notes, so it’s easy for a manager to lead a short training session with minimal preparation. The resource is free and available at Read the story about how one retailer grew his automotive category on Page 34, and then be sure to check out the free training tool. Effectively selling any category requires not only product knowledge, but also selling skills. And a good way to help employees understand how to engage customers is to have them take the Basic Training Course in Selling Skills.

This course is available to NHPA Training Members. If you want to learn more about becoming an NHPA Training Member, visit or call 800-772-4424. 

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