April Resource Review: The Hero Effect

Resource Review

March 23, 2020


This book review is the second installment in a bimonthly series Hardware Retailing is running to highlight books, podcasts and other resources retailers recommend to fellow business owners in the home improvement industry.

Megan Menzer co-owns Newton’s True Value stores in Cherryvale and Independence, Kansas. She considers Kevin Brown’s book “The Hero Effect” to be inspiring and practical. She has included excerpts with paychecks to remind employees how important their jobs are.

Menzer’s Takaways

  1. Everyone Can Make a Difference
    The book describes why we do what we do each day. Customers come in because they are in the middle of a crisis and need our help. We have the ability to change a person’s outlook on their day.
  2. You Affect Everyone You Meet
    Heroes take responsibility for their attitudes, actions and results. We have an influence over people’s lives. We can be heroes by helping with no strings attached.
  3. ‘Nobody Notices Normal’
    The book talks about service, saying, “Nobody notices normal.” Everyone in our business thinks they give exceptional service, but do they really? The book talks about different types of service.
  4. Culture Drives Actions & Results
    Kevin Brown says the purpose of leadership is to create an environment where people can be the best version of themselves, and where they love to work, shop, educate, communicate and belong.

Megan Menzer

“This book makes you take a step back and evaluate your business and your culture. Its examples and stories are reminders of the difference we each can make. You never know what someone is going through, but you can touch their life in a way that will have a lifelong impact.”

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