Retail Management Certification Program Wraps Up First Fall Session


Class was back in session in Indianapolis for the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) first visit of the Fall 2020 Retail Management Certification Program.

The class gathered Sept. 8-12 at an event space in downtown Indianapolis that provided students plenty of room to socially distance while learning together comfortably. 

To reduce travel, NRHA shifted the format of the six-month program from three in-person visits to two with the last visit being virtual. The total classroom hours will be the same, but the final class and business improvement project presentations will be done virtually, according to Scott Wright, executive director of NRHA’s Retail Leadership Institute. 

Designed for Progress

During the first visit, students had the opportunity to connect with one another, meet their instructors and begin digging into the course content. Day one sessions focused on business and operational strategies; day two focused on advanced retail operations; and day three covered leadership and team building. 

“Each one of the students change during the six months of this course,” says Gary Petz, retail management consultant and course instructor. “They become more confident in not only their decision making but how they look at things. Through the association they form these connections you can’t make online. The relationships they receive from this program and any NRHA training will last them a lifetime.”

Student will return to Indianapolis for visit two Nov. 9-13. Their final visit will be virtual Jan. 13-14, when students will present their business improvement projects.

About the Retail Management Certification Program

The Retail Management Certification Program is the only program in the industry that prepares owners and key employees with profit-focused store operations training. This six-month training program is designed to allow students and their stores to see a return on investment through class training and homework, an individual business improvement project and Quick Wins.

For more information about the Retail Management Certification Program, visit or contact Scott Wright at 317-275-9417 and

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